Recording of Love Against Lovers Seminar

September 07, 2013

Love Against Lovers: Capitalist Crisis of Feeling
15th May 2013

Following a screening of Maija Timonen’s film Aune, or On Effective Demise (2013) that took place at The Showroom in January 2013, this related seminar makes connections between the financial crisis, the commodification of relationships, the ideological dimension of love, psychopathologies of gender and the idea that personal is political.

The seminar includes presentations by Kerstin Stakemeier (writer and teacher, Berlin/Munich), Hannah Black (artist and writer, London) and Maija Timonen (artist and writer, Berlin/London/Helsinki), followed by a discussion moderated by Josephine Berry-Slater (Editor, Mute Magazine, London).
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January 08, 2013

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